Saturday, November 05, 2005

St John's, Hartford, Northwich (C of E)


at a fairly major road junction in Northwich, Cheshire

When visited:

28th August, 2005, 10am

First Impressions:

The building was fairly full, with well over 200 people. Nice new socialising area at the back of church


Pretty friendly after the service - free drinks and cakes provided. Lots of people talking - I mostly spoke to the few people I already knew.

Type of Service:

"Family Worship with baptism". Printed sheet provided with song words and basic liturgy.


Band playing well but not ostentatiously, mixture of modern stuff and traditional. Singing was pretty good.


Excellent. Mike Smith (vicar) preaching on Jonah 3-4. Very accessibly done with very good use of powerpoint. He preached the passage, clear for everyone on both judgement and mercy, challenging for both Christians and non-Christians.


Great. Reinforced the reasons I aim to come here when in mid-Cheshire.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind comments. Website is in fact:

John said...

Thanks - I've corrected it in the posts. As you can see by the date, this is an old post...

Anonymous said...

Very quick update - thanks! I only found it by accident (it showed up on Google when I searched for by mistake). Interesting blog.