Saturday, November 05, 2005

St Chad's, Cheadle (RC)

When visited:

25th September, 2005, 10:30am


On Stockport Road (A560), coming out of Cheadle Village towards Stockport

Type of Service:

10:30 mass

First Impressions:

Big cuboidal building, Room for 200, probably over 100 there, with lots of kids. Atmosphere of being a good family church.


None, but there was a queue of people so I could see which sheets to take. No-one spoke to me before or afterwards.


Sheets didn't help much, as the bits that were printed weren't the congregational bits of the liturgy! Hymns weren't announced either. Was definitely some praying "through Mary" doing on, which isn't great.


Singing, no instrumental accompaniment. Singing wasn't too bad given that. Quite interesting. Would of course have been easier if there was a hymnbook where I was sitting rather than at the end of the row, or if the people sitting there had thought to pass me one...


Hardly mentioned the passage, mostly about a member of the congregation who'd died in the last week, and not that challenging.


Not that I can find


My guess is that there's a really strong sense of community among the families here, and that's what keeps them in. It felt like that afterwards.

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