Saturday, November 05, 2005

St Gabriel's, Adswood, Stockport (C of E)

When visited:

several times in 2004, 9:30am


just off the junction where the shops are in Adswood


Generally very friendly and welcoming. Whenever I go, I feel like I'm really encouraging the other people there.

First Impressions:

Pretty basic building, with a screen and "altar" at the front. 20 or so plastic seats - regular congregation numbering in the teens, average age probably over 60. The vicar, being around 40, was usually the second youngest person there, with me the youngest. It's part of a team ministry with St Mark's Edgeley and St George's Stockport.

Type of Service:

Eucharist - seasonally varying liturgy printed on sheet with readings and hymns on seperate sheets.


The vicar with his guitar. Singing ok, given the numbers, etc.


Generally nothing I'd disagree with, but not especially expository and little challenge.


none that I could find


The people there really do not want to see the church die, but sadly it does seem to be heading that way, despite the fact the people there are so lovely.

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