Saturday, November 05, 2005

St Cuthbert's, Cheadle (C of E)

When visited:

15th May, 2005, 10:30am (Pentecost)


currently meeting at Brookhead Primary School (bottom of Councillor Lane), while their building round the corner on Stockport Road / Cuthbert Road is redone

Type of Service:

Family Service


Very welcoming after the service, even from people who didn't know me (I sat to avoid the ones who did). Tea / coffee / squash and biscuits provided afterwards. Not a lot beforehand, except from the few people who knew me.

First Impressions:

Meeting in a primary school hall, with a well done large banner at the front to provide a "churchy" feel. Probably around 100 people there, good mix of ages. Powerpoint used for songs, liturgy, etc. Seperate songsheets provided for those who wanted them. No robes or anything - it would have seemed silly to have them.


Small band with two singers. Songs were generally modern; singing wasn't great but could have been a lot worse.


A friend from St Mary's was preaching! Very accessible to all ages and helpful, about how the Holy Spirit's coming at Pentecost latched onto the Jewish firstfruits idea. Usually when I hear the minister from St Cuth's speak, he's pretty good and expository with a fairly relaxed style. I was surprised and disappointed that there weren't many Bibles around and few people had brought them.



Friendly, welcoming church. A bit more passion wouldn't go amiss though.

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