Saturday, November 05, 2005

St Ambrose, Adswood (RC)

When visited:

15th May 2005, 9am


Adswood Rd, just Stockport side of the Adswood shops.

Type of Service:

Liturgical mass - liturgy assumed and not printed that I could find. Whole service was under 50 mins.


Nothing. I spoke to one guy on the way in (I asked whether it was the right door to be using), and the priest on the way out, and two people shook hands with me during the peace. No other interaction with people; no conversation.

First Impressions:

What looked like the main door wasn't open - I had to find a side door. It is a big, long basilica-like building with colonades down the sides and everything happening at the front. Some gaudy Catholic decoration, some pics done by kids from the school. The building would have seated 200; there were about 40 there. Books were needed but not handed out - we were expected to know and take them from a pile near the door. The chap leading it had a thick Irish accent, which was difficult to understand for the first few minutes.


Organ music. The singing was shockingly poor, verging on inaudible - I've heard much better at school.


It was Pentecost, so it was on the gift of the Holy Spirit. Reasonable links to the usual passages (Babel, etc). Not too sure about him saying the first 11 chapters of Genesis were all just myth. No real application given. No sign of Bibles.


none that I could find


If you want church on a plate, with no demands, nothing whatsoever you have to do except turn up, this is the place for you. I doubt it will do you much good though...

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