Saturday, December 08, 2007

Secret Believers - Brother Andrew and Al Janssen

Just finished reading this book...

Most of it is set in a fictionalised Muslim country, and particularly a fictionalised major market town there. All the characters and events are allegedly real, but they weren't necessarily in the same place to start with.

As a way of telling true stories about Muslim Background Believers in Muslim countries, though, it's quite sensible. And as would be expected, some of the stories are quite moving.

All in all, it's really encouraging to read about how God is working in countries like that, to read about the perseverance of the church, and it's a real spur to prayer.

There's quite a bit on how to respond as well. Definitely worth a read..

Edited to add: Of course, this sort of thing also happens in England.

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Speaker for the Dead said...

1. If Christians in the UK or any part of the world did this, there would be OUTRAGE. But we can't, of course, annoy or criticize Muslims for this.

2. Capital punishment for apostasy is part of Sharia law (according to the article). But Unitarian Universalists want me to say that all gods are equal and all religions worship the same god and seek the same truth? Please.

3. If you ever want more faith in the Bible, read the Qur'an. I did, and there really is no comparison in my mind. It's ironic the Bible was written 600 years before...