Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lisbon 3 - Laws

As far as I know, these aren't actual legal laws, just ones I've observed... And no, I'm not in Portugal any more, but I'll keep blogging about it for a bit.

  1. Department stores and supermarkets larger than SPAR in England are forbidden.
  2. All pharmacists should look like boutiques.
  3. Labelling of prices is strictly optional. In pharmacies, it is discouraged. If you really have to label a price, try to make it insignificant, like in the small print under the bar code.
  4. No pharmacist should sell razor blades or shaving foam. Neither should supermarkets.
  5. One in ten shops to be given over to the selling of loose leaf tobacco. Such shops should always be a few cm below street level, and are allowed to sell men's magazines on the side.
  6. There should be lots of police on the streets, often using slow electric transport like golf buggies or Segways.
  7. Police should always be visible. This is to ensure that tourists feel very safe on the streets - Lisbon has a very low rate of violent crime - while still ensuring that there is a plentiful supply of drugs. I was offered drugs 7 times in two days. Unless "hashish" is Portuguese for "my, that's a nice T-shirt". Or maybe I just looked like I needed them.
  8. Big brand stores are not allowed, with the following three exceptions: McDonalds, Subway, H&M. Actually H&M aren't a big brand - they're only on the border of my consciousness, and I'm not sure what exactly they do, except for sell vastly overpriced clothes.
  9. Sandwich shops are allowed to sell alcohol. It was quite interesting to realise that one of the soft drink options was beer.


Su said...

Interesting... several of these things I also noticed in Prague and, to a lesser extent, Paris. Including the prevalence of H&M...
Interesting also about the Segways... I saw various kids riding them around parks in Paris. I wonder if they will catch on in Britain (they have them to try out at what used to be Goonhilly in Cornwall).
Glad you had fun in Lisbon anyway!

John said...

Since when did you get the extra e?

Su said...

I don't know. I lost it again soon after writing that comment, but before I read your response.