Sunday, March 30, 2008


There's a really interesting article here.

What is especially interesting is not the comments on Manhunt 2 (very violent computer game), but the comment on the attitude in society to the use of the word "moral", spinning off this quote from Tanya Byron.

My review is not about making any kind of moral pronouncements, although I do think that it is important to look at the desensitisation to violence.

I think there's something in it. Kant saw the moral as belonging to the same world as the religious, which was a different world from science and truth. And the relativisation of religion, so that we cannot say that one person is right and another wrong, also seems to be leading to the relativisation of morality, so that we cannot say that someone else's morality is wrong.

Of course, that leads to a society which cannot function, which is why we get inconsistencies like Dr Byron's comment...

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