Friday, March 28, 2008

despising providence

I'm staying in the (English) Lake District at the moment, which is really amazing - I haven't been here for ages.
It's been grey and/or raining pretty much all day today, so I haven't been able to see the great view.
But I'm not complaining; I'm thanking God for the rain. After all, without the rain, the grass and trees wouldn't be so beautiful and green when there isn't rain. And without the rain, there wouldn't be such a lovely lake just down the hill from where I am now.
If it wasn't for the rain, the Lake District wouldn't be anywhere near as nice when it is sunny. So thank God for his providences rather than complaining about them...

1 comment:

Iconoclast said...

So it's Camp reducing your interesting wanderings is it Custard?

And we all thought it was the girlfriend..

Enjoy your time in the Lake District - it is a little bit of heaven on Earth (darn sight more picturesque than Oxford anyway)