Saturday, September 08, 2007

Greg Haslam - Preach the Word

This book seems to be very highly regarded among charismatics, especially the more theologically conservative ones. It's a book of 52 talks-cum-essays on the subject of preaching, given by a range of preachers from moderate conservatives (John Stott, Chris Wright) to popular evangelists (J John, Jeff Lucas), to black Pentecostal pastors. Each takes a different angle (e.g. Narrative Preaching, How to Preach Old Testament Law, Preaching to Change Nations, ...)

As is inevitable with so many contributors and so many topics, there is a range of quality, and a range of different views on several topics (especially e.g. how much to prepare / script and the balance between Biblical exposition / thematic preaching / speaking into situations) but many of them really are very good. I've quoted it a fair few times on here.

What this book excels in is stuff about motivating people for preaching and stuff on the craft / art of actually preaching. What it is weak on, perhaps because it doesn't aim to cover it, is how to get the main point from a passage.

Or, to say the same thing in technical language, it's good for motivation to preach; it's probably the best book I've ever read on homiletics, especially from a charismatic perspective; don't expect it to cover much in the way of exegesis.

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