Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Carols

On my dashing round the country tour, last night I was at a carol service where "O Holy Night" was sung as a solo.

That song always (however well it is sung) reminds me of this rendition, which is hilarious.

NB - since I don't currently have access to my ftp server (being on tour and all), I "borrowed" the link from this page. And yes, I did check that their audio host gives unmeterd bandwidth... I don't seen any reason for them to complain, but if they do, I'll happily remove that link.


Anonymous said...

my friend wants to know what the refractive index for tarmac to mud would be if on a quad bike...i think we need to do some exciting experiments!
oh dear. where do you pick up these things? i think my cats sing better than that...ok yeah i can see why its hilarious just can't help laughing at that...painful
Everytime!! everytime! i think your blog thinks im an advertisement...either that or i can't read...i was sure i got the letters right that time...grr

Daniel Hill said...

The computer frequently knocks back my first attempt to put in the letters too, Ellen.

John said...

It does it to me too.

The annoying problem is that because I get quite a few hits, I get loads of comment spam if I don't have it...

I'll turn it off and see if the comment spam problem is still around!