Thursday, August 24, 2006

GCSE Results

GCSE results came out today.

My class of 18 got 7A*, 9A, 2B, which is almost exactly what my GCSE classes always seem to get (except one time, with a not especially nice class). Of those, i think 13 or 14 got the same grade on the mock as on the real thing, which just goes to show that it's the people who put the work in year round (or get the answers right year round anyway) who do well in Physics. There's the occasional person who stops working after the mock and slips a grade, and the occasional person who really works very well to get up a grade or two.

What seemed to cause most difficulty was the borderline A/A* kids making it over the grade boundary. Really needs a lot of work, that one.

And on the subject of revision, there's an excellent cartoon here.

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