Thursday, May 24, 2007


I watched the football last night. Liverpool v AC Milan. Hey, at least we got to the final.

Having said that, as a Liverpool fan, it was almost worth seeing Liverpool lose to see Milan's star player, Kaka, running round the pitch afterwards wearing an "I belong to Jesus" T-shirt. The British commentators were embarrassed and avoided it almost as quickly as they avoided the streaker or whoever it was.

Reminds me of the 2002 World Cup final. After Brazil won it, most of them removed their shirts to display their "I love Jesus" t-shirts, then had photos taken like that. The commentators just went quiet, which is quite impressive for football commentators...


Anonymous said...

Hi Custard,

That's true of Commentators.Also, it's not the first time Kaka did like this. When AC Milan won Champions League in 2003, Kaka displayed " I belong to Jesus".

When Brazil won Worldcup in 2002, all players prayed on the ground. Kaka, Lucio & some others wore " Jesus Loves U" T-Shirts.

Lancaster Gardener said...

Bit late now... we should have done the same after the Wycliffe cricket match! :0)