Sunday, June 04, 2006

Doing My Duty

I went to see X-Men: The Last Stand the other day, principally because it wasn't The Da Vinci Code, and I think it's important that people see just how poor the plot in TDVC is by it failing abjectly at the box office after the first weekend.

Good points then about X3:

  • It wasn't The Da Vinci Code
  • Some nice action sequences
  • Moderately interesting question in the storyline - if it was possible to "cure" people of an abnormality, would it be ethical? Of course, blatant homosexual references in the way it was handled, but at least it wasn't spelled out in letters 100 feet high.

Bad points:

  • Not enough high-powered action for that kind of film
  • Plot holes - the way that sci-fi and fantasy works is to change a few facts about the world and then use that as a way of exploring it. But sometimes they make mistakes where they didn't mean to. Why weren't Wolverine's implants destroyed at the end? What non-metallic stuff were the syringe needles made of?
  • Halle Berry - never did see the point of her. She always comes across in the films as having an exceptionally useful gift, but the way she uses it is almost always lame and easily beatable. Here, why did her opponent stop flitting around? Why doesn't she fly around in a tornado?

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