Sunday, January 29, 2006

St Saviour's, Great Moor (C of E)

Here's a picture, taken this very morning:

When visited:

10:45am, 29th January, 2006


On the A6 heading out of Stockport towards Hazel Grove, just after the Co-op in Great Moor, a bit set back from the road.


I arrived a few mins too late for the start, but people greeted me quietly at the door and quite a few came to speak to me at the end. I was even volunteered for the choir! (but turned them down...)

First Impressions:

Around 70 people there, average age probably 55 or so, large majority female including the vicar and assistant. There were 20 people or so in the (blue robed) choir, who were very good.

Type of Service:

High-church eucharist, with quite a few bits sung. Lots of processions, but no smells or bells.


Traditional stuff, well sung with a good choir.


The vicar spoke on "the devil in the church", which was connected to but not directly from the gospel reading. Pretty good actually - certainly challenging.


yes - helpful but not updated that often


Definitely interesting. They seem properly catholic (in the C of E sense - the vicar was at one point singing to the consecrated wafers) but at the same time very accepting of women and it was great to hear a challenging sermon. I might go back.

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