Sunday, January 08, 2006

St George's, Poynton (C of E)

When visited:

8th January 2005, 10am


At the junction in the middle of Poynton


People at the door shaking hands. I wasn't on my own, but no-one really spoke to me before the service. Several people did afterwards - there was a long queue to get out and to the church hall for coffee, and people chatted a lot in the queue.

Type of Service:

Modern language communion liturgy, some bits of which were missed out. Robes and choir procession. A few bits were sung, but the music was printed in the service book, which is nice to see.

First Impressions:

About 200 people there, very good mix of ages. The administration was excellently done from a logistical point of view, though there were people (older members of the congregation) at the back chatting all through the administration, which I found very distracting.


Organ and music group. Good mix of older and newer stuff, singing wasn't especially good.


The vicar apologised that there wasn't Bible teaching. Instead he said a bit about a trip he was planning to do to India. To my mind, skipping the sermon is not on.

As you can see from the comments, I'm assured that usually there's good teaching, and that this was the exception. I'm happy to believe that - shame I hit the exception...


yes, though it appears to be somewhat oddly maintained. Some information on there is for last month, some for next month, very little for this month.


Gives the impression of being a growing church, but the lack of a sermon would give me second thoughts before coming back.


Susanna said...

Hey, interesting post, wondering if you've visited Poynton Baptist? I visited that area a couple of years ago and have a friend who goes to Poynton Baptist and thinks it's fantastic. All the best.

John said...

Not yet....

Anonymous said...

Hey! I go to St George's and am surprised you didn't pick up more of what is going on...
We have regular excellent teaching. This was an exception to launch the India project, to invlove the Church and encourage mission.
We are moving to two different services and there is a lot going on in St George's - come back in a few months and see what you think.
Say Hi and we can have a chat

John said...

Thanks for that. I might go back at some stage - it's always really encouraging and challenging to hear good Bible teaching.