Monday, April 27, 2009


Beds puzzle me. There are loads of different widths of bed available, but they are all the same length. I was even in a hotel recently where they gave me a triple bed (I don't know what they were expecting me to do there...) But actually, I don't mind how wide the bed is - I just want to be able to stretch out without my feet going off the end of the bed.

So why don't beds come long enough so that a reasonably tall person (and I'm only 6ft!) can stretch out? Or if they do exist, why aren't they much more common?

As far as I can tell, either there isn't the demand for longer beds, or it's a conspiracy by evil dwarves. Personally, I think the latter seems more probable.

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bcg said...

hehe - I agree - it is possible to find extra-long single beds, and king-size beds at 6'6" long, as well as extra wide. so there you go!!