Thursday, August 02, 2007

Orthodox Jews and Tobogganing

I've been to the toboggan run on the Great Orme (in Llandudno) three times this week. And every time there has been an Orthodox Jewish family there with small children. Different family every time, but odd. Is there a big Orthodox Jewish family convention thing, with one family selected by raffle to go there each day? Is there an Orthodox Jewish family magazine which strongly recommended the toboggan run on the Great Orme as a good family activity? Is it some sinister Zionist conspiracy?

I should add that I have nothing against Orthodox Jews - it's just easier to notice them than it is off-duty waitresses. And there's a comparatively small number of them in the UK, so it's surprising to see them there so frequently.

Oh, and every time I've been there, there have been evangelical Christians in their 20s there too accompanying kids, but that's less of a coincidence...


Anonymous said...

wow! i went to llandudno this week and saw an Orthodox Jewish family! well, i saw them in Conwy, did you see the smallest house in Britain? hehe ^^ i didn;t know there was a toboggan run, i went up the great orme aswell , ah well! what's a toboggan? like a sled? GD : )

John said...

Oh cool.

I've been in Llandudno for about a week and a half now.

Yep - toboggan is like a sled. But in this case it's going down a kind of long water slide thing without the water.

Korban#$&!* said...

Ive been to llandudno 4 times and each time i saw à orthodox family