Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Abortion Quote

I'm reading a very helpful book at the moment about how to speak lovingly with people who disagree with you. Here's a very very interesting quote about abortion:

When I listened to women describe their situations in depth in small listening groups, a surprising theme emerged. In nearly every case, the abortion was undertaken to fulfill a felt obligation to another person, a parent or boyfriend. My assumption that abortion decisions were prompted by practical problems - food, shelter, poverty, clothing - was not borne out. Instead, the woman felt bound to please or protect some other person, and abortion was the price she felt she had to pay.

Frederica Mathewes-Green, Real Choices quoted in Randy Newman, Questioning Evangelism?


Anonymous said... sad


lottie said...

'the woman felt bound to please or protect some other person'. Would that be as a result of low self esteem by any chance? Oh but hang on, havent we already established that low self esteem is good?

John said...

low-self esteem is good, as long as it's coupled with very very high Christ-esteem and awareness of Christ's love....

Rosie said...

its not quite that simple. As a GP i face this problem every day and struggle with what to do next as far as referral for termination goes (but thats another story) - but many women do come in saying that having a baby isnt that convenient right now; a lot do abort out of obligation, it must be said, and because they dont know the options available, and because so much of the media refuses to call a baby a baby, but a "pregnancy" or "a bunch of cells" etc. the only way to deal with it is to be truthful, honest and supportive and above all, loving and not rejecting. Jesus was.