Monday, February 19, 2007

Completely Stupid Inventions

As completely stupid inventions go, this one will take some beating. Some guy has invented a bike that goes sideways to the direction you're facing. Problem is, that means you're not looking where you're going! Oh, and you're trying to balance in the front/back direction, but you don't have a leg you can use to stop you falling backwards off it...


Elle said...

is it just me not understanding this, or is it really wierd?:
"A modified version, which has two sets of handlebars, smaller wheels and upon which the cyclist faces forward, could be in the shops at Christmas priced at £150" it's called a sideways bike, so if the rider faces forward, how does that make it sideways?! :s ive probably confused you now too...sorry! :-)

John said...

Two ways of looking at the same thing. Either the driver faces forwards and the bike goes sideways or the bike goes forwards and the driver faces sideways.

It's possible of course that the "modified version" might not be so stupid - it might be a kind of pedalable steerable wheelchair, for example.