Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ageing and Experiencing Time

I think that roughly, we compare time as we experience it with time as we have experienced it.

So when I'm 10, another 5% of my life would be 6 months.
When I'm 50, 5% of my life would be 2½ years.
I suggest that 6 months when I'm 10 would feel roughly the same as 2½ years when I'm 50.

This would explain:

  • why time seems to accelerate as we get older
  • why we can't remember much about when we're very young
  • why people tend to get more patient as they get older - the waiting time seems less

An interesting consequence is this. I'm 29. If I try and relate to an 18 year old (for example), from my point of view the age difference is 38% of my age. But from their point of view, the age difference is 61% of their age. Hence I'd think it was easier to relate to them, on average, than they would to me. This also fits with experience.

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Anonymous said...

"Time is an illusion.

And lunch time doubly so."

Ford Prefect