Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Interesting Fact

According to the BBC, British women spend an average of £36 each per year on make-up.

French women are apparently the second-highest spenders on make-up in Europe, averaging £4 per person per year.

I think that statistic hardly needs a comment....


Anonymous said...

"I think that statistic hardly needs a comment...."

Yeah, women in Britain are getting ripped-off big time! :-O

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of comments one can make:
1. Does this mean make-up in the UK is very expensive, or that it's very cheap in France?
2. Are you suggesting that
(a) French women wear too little make-up?
(b) French women have less need of make-up?
(c) British women wear too much make up?
(d) British women have more need of make-up?

Never helps to assume everyone else is thinking along the same lines as you. ;)

John said...

hj -

1) maybe. But you'd think that if there was, there would be a lot of money to be made importing and selling fairly cheaply
2) if people are aiming for the same level of tanning, there's probably slightly an element of b/d (though since tanning damages skin, you might expect the reverse). But I think c is much more likely (present company possibly excepted)... :P

Anonymous said...


Or perhaps the figures are skewed by people like me who buy it and then realise that we're no good at this girly lark and put it aside. Perhaps the French are more efficient. :P

Or maybe it is just C.