Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Theological Colleges

I'm very glad I'm at the theological college I'm at, even though (and perhaps partly because) they are working me very hard at the moment. Another college I applied to has been in the news recently for difficulties between them and a former student.

Here's a piece from the Daily Mail and the college responds here.

Knowing about this story was part of the reason I turned Cranmer Hall down - I don't know young Mr Howard, but we do know quite a few people in common. The thing is that I trust most of them, and they only told me bits and pieces when I mentioned I was looking at Cranmer, which seemed to be consistent with them wanting to warn rather than gossip.

To be honest, there were other things I felt very uncomfortable with there. For example, the weekly communion service I attended used explicitly feminine language of God (and I don't mean just feminine metaphors) and the sermon there wasn't on the passage. The whole college felt largely as if it was preparing people for churches that they were expecting to be declining, and it didn't feel anywhere near as joyful as Wycliffe does.

But when I think about colleges like that, I realise my guilt in failing to pray for them and for those with the difficult task of leading them.

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