Monday, October 16, 2006

College Quotes

Here are (paraphrases of) a couple of the more interesting / scary quotes from people I've been chatting to in the last week or so at college:

It's odd, you know, I think "Wow, [insert name of college here], bright hope for the future of the Church of England". But then I look around, and it's like, us."

And yes, I know that inasmuch as there is hope for the future of the C of E, it's God, not us.

Before I was a Christian, I had a load of Muslim friends who used to talk to me a lot about their faith. So I started looking into Islam, but I realised that their idea of God is exactly the sort of thing I'd have come up sitting in an armchair for fifteen minutes, so it couldn't possibly be true.

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Anonymous said...

Here are a couple of things said to me at University by people trying to convert me to Christianity.

"Well, God used to do lots of crazy stuff. I just like to think he's mellowed out in the last couple of thousand years."

Good eh! Another one.

"I like the New testament a lot, but I'm not so sure about the Old Testament. I don't quite get all the smiting and stuff."