Friday, July 14, 2006

Missing School, etc

It's now 3 days since I left. What I miss about school is mainly the people and the high amount of personal contact. When I was there, I'd spend 10 hours a day or so with people, and a lot of that talking to them. Most schools haven't broken up yet, so church is still on term-time with meetings and so on. If I just see people at church meetings and stuff, that's 7½ hours per week, including meeting up with people to read the Bible and pray and stuff. When church moves into holiday mode, that will go down. It's a huge difference...

On the other hand, last night, there were loads of people over here doing a lot more cleaning, etc. I'm still emotionally drained from it - binning stuff isn't easy for me, especially when it's seeing other people binning my stuff... They did a good job of cleaning, mind you, and it's now a case of waiting for the estate agent.

On a related note, I've figured out why I'm often so apparently messy. It's a saving time thing. I want the stuff I use a lot where I can get at it in the minimum time possible. So it's no use having my shredder (for example) on a shelf where I'd need a step ladder to get at it; I want it when I can reach it from my desk. But it's on the high shelf now, and I admit it looks a lot neater there, so I'll probably put up with the whole hassle of getting stuff out then putting it away for a while. At least until the house is sold.

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