Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Political Thoughts

I honestly can't see how anyone can think abortion is wrong and not also think that it is one of the most important political issues in the country today. To vote for parties on grounds of how they treat the comparatively poor (for example) ignoring how likely they are to reduce the number of abortions seems like voting for the Nazis because they were good at law and order.

The question came up today about whether the government should pay for treatment for self-inflicted illnesses (such as smoking-related diseases, obesity, self-harm, parachuting injuries). My opinion is that there should be a compulsory healthcare insurance, the premium for which is dependent upon lifestyle factors but not on genetic factors (including gender, race, etc). Some basic level could be paid for out of general taxation to ensure that the poorest are provided for. So basically it comes out as an NHS which doesn't provide for lifestyle-linked stuff except in emergencies, but where insurance e.g. for riding a bike is readily available (thought it might of course require wearing a helmet). [ETA - I'm going off this idea; see comments. But I stand by the first one.]

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