Monday, July 23, 2007

Random Oxford Stuff

Oxford is odd. Recently, someone decided it would be a good idea if they removed the surface of at least 3 main roads here, but I have seen no evidence whatsoever that they intend to put it back. This is especially annoying since it includes both main roads into the city that aren't liable to flooding.

There isn't, it seems, one single haberdashers in the whole of Oxford. There are, however, vast numbers of tourists. Tourists in Oxford confuse me. What are they looking at? The Ashmolean (outside of - the good bits of the inside are all closed for rebuilding), the Radcliffe Camera, the view from Carfax, Keble, the Martyrs' Memorial? That's about it, isn't it, and there's better examples of all of that in London or Cambridge? Oh, ok, not the RadCam or the Martyrs' Mem if they are interested in Anglican history, which I very much doubt. (Yes, some of the colleges are nice too, but they're closed to tourists.) Hordes of tourists punting down the Backs in Cambridge, I can understand. Or maybe they're all here for just one morning on their way from London to somewhere else. Stratford maybe.

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