Monday, November 14, 2016

Theology for Dads - Forgiveness

One thing that being a dad taught me about God's love is to do with forgiveness.

My son hurts me most days at the moment. Yesterday it was putting his fingers up my nose and trying to pull it off. I didn't really mind and forgave him instantly of course; I even thought it was kind of sweet. Why? Because he's my son

If I was on the bus and a random kid came over to me and started doing that, I'd probably object. But my love for my son is such that I don't mind him hurting me; I'm just glad to spend time with him.

Now how does God feel when his children sin?

He loves us far more than I love my son, of course, so he is far more ready and willing to forgive. His attitude towards us isn't some kind of cold reckoning that weighs our sin and counts off beans to match from Jesus' life. He loves us, so he forgives us.

Judgement is God's "strange work" and "alien task" (Isaiah 28:21). Love and forgiveness come naturally to God the Father, especially for his children.

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