Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Interesting Houses

I've been quite busy over the last week or so. On Monday, I was looking at houses with a view to possibly living in them at some point. It's an odd thing to do to look round other people's houses, and I appreciate that we're all different, but here are some bizarre features I spotted.

  • Of the 5 houses I looked round on Monday, 3 had no sink in the toilet room. Ewww. (thinks - did I shake their hands?)
  • One had a recently redone kitchen, which was carpeted. Yes, a carpeted kitchen.
  • Two had no road access.
  • One had a living room which it was impossible to move a sofa into or out of unless it was in little pieces
  • One had the room which would probably end up becoming my study decorated in the theme of "Playboy".
  • One had been seemingly decorated by someone who got their Pritt Stick and their wallpaper paste mixed up
  • One garden featured a gnome riding a pig (ok - my girlfriend spotted this on photos I took).

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bcg said...


we had a carpeted kitchen in London - except our landlord (which was a church) kindly removed it, revealing a much more sensible lino underneath!