Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Letting Go...

The other day, at dinner, I was chatting to a couple of my good friends, from different churchy backgrounds to me. We all admitted that there had been times in the last few years when we had faced a difficult decision. We had to choose to be willing to let go of our backgrounds (in my case conservative evangelicalism), and whether others would think us "sound" or whatever, and be willing to follow Jesus and the truth, wherever it went, even if it went to liberal catholicism (for example).

None of us had moved much as a result of letting go, but we'd all moved to nearly the same place. And we all strongly identified with the tradition we'd come from (conservative evangelical, charismatic, etc), but often now found ourselves often on the outside of it. As a friend of mine put it, he often finds himself falling between several stools. And as I responded, that's a lot better than landing directly in the poo.

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little2u said...

I was happy to see this post of yours. I was not raised in any one tradition. I believe I have tried them all. It appears to me, that each presents just one or two facets of God. And I do not believe that one tradition can encompass Him in His entirety as He is too large.
I question. I question everything. Not because I doubt. But because I want to truly understand. I have found that questioning scares traditional churches that fight to keep their dogma unchanged. They teach with memory by rote. I believe that people are leaving the church because while they can recite words from memory they lack the understanding of those words and without understanding, how can you live them? But I also believe that the church can only do so much. It is up to each individual to decide to truly seek the kingdom of God (which btw, I haven't found on GoogleEarth) LOL So I hope you do not mind if I post unconventional ideas or thoughts. My intent is not to cause controversy but to understand. I seek only the truth. Thank you.