Tuesday, November 18, 2008

J. John - Time Management

I heard J. John speak the other day. In my past experience, he's not a great writer (though he's certainly ok), nor a sharp exegete (or indeed a good ballet dancer). This was, however, the first time I'd heard him speak, and he really impressed me. Michael Green described him as "the best evangelist in England". One thing he said really hit me. It was something like this...

Do we have enough time to do everything God has for us to do?

If so, then why don't we have enough time?

The conclusion, of course, being that we do lots of things which aren't what God has for us to do, and to manage time better we need to avoid doing those things...

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Jacob Hicks said...

I heard him do his Ten Commandments series about eight years ago and I still remember one of his lines:

Some people say "I don't need to go to church, I watch 'Songs of Praise.'" I say to them "Next time you're hungry, watch a McDonald's advert!"