Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Great Birthday Present!

A couple of months ago now, it was my birthday. One of the presents I was given was a copy of the whole ESV being read out in MP3 format. It was a great present.

I do quite a bit of driving. My placement next year, for example, is over 30 mins away by car. It takes 2½ hours to drive to my parents' place. And having the Bible on MP3 means that I can spend a good fraction of that time listening to the Bible.

It makes getting a big picture of books and so on much easier. It makes revising for my Bible exams much easier. It makes studying the Bible while I'm running or walking or something much easier.

So thanks again!


Anonymous said...

How long does it last? Or - more pressing concerns - what's the filesize and what bitrate is that?

John said...


Total filesize, 2.3GB.

But it's split into one track per chapter, which makes CD ripping nice and easy.

Anonymous said...

wow - you are a real babe magnet