Monday, April 09, 2007


Often I come across situations where it is necessary to make judgements who I agree with on issues where I do not have enough information to come to an anayltic opinion. I then tend to use the following criteria:

  • Do I trust any of the people involved on this issue?
  • Who seems to be more motivated by pride? They're more likely to be wrong...
  • Who is being more loving? They're more likely to be right...
  • Who has more to gain from winning? They're more likely to be wrong...
  • Who is acting in a more mature way? For example, if there is an argument between people, it seems that the person who is talking about it less is more likely to be right, especially if they are the ones in a position of authority (let some of the readers understand).

It could certainly be argued that one of the strongest arguments for the acceptability of homosexuality is Fred Phelps (of Godhatesfags fame).

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