Monday, February 26, 2007

The Episcopal Church in the USA

I stumbled across this video today of senior figures in the US Episcopal Church saying what their good news is. It is striking that the word "Jesus" is never mentioned. Though respect to the guy who says "Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again."


Anonymous said...

Be fair. That guy wasn't the only one who said "Christ". And A few others did say "God". Do we know for certain the precise question which was asked? And we don't know the exact context in which it was asked. A lot of them seemed to mistake the question for, "What is the good news about the episcopal church?", so they told us why the episcopal church was doing better than it had been, or whatever.

That common mistake could of course say more about the interviewees than the question. Which would give the worrying impression that they're focused on themselves more than on God.

I certainly find it interesting.

John said...

True, true. But from the fact he said that, it makes me think the question (if indeed there was only one) wasn't about distinctives of the Episcopal Church.

It's definitely interesting, which is why I put it on here.