Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Reading Week

This is officially my college half term and reading week.

I'm doing a university course, not a college one. Reading week therefore means for me:

  • fewer friends around, coz they've gone away
  • less support in terms of college services and so on
  • slight frustration beforehand with quite a few people saying "what are you doing on the holiday next week?"
  • just the same amount of work
  • realising I'd much rather do it this way because I'm finding it hard enough to keep going now - with a week off I'd have an adrenaline crash and it would take too long to get back up to speed
  • less time wasted in silly meetings
  • God is still good :o)

1 comment:

Susan A said...

fully sympathise. it also makes you feel a bit special not having a reading week when others do, right? i enjoy that.