Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Middle East Mess

My sympathies in the Middle East are heavily with the Christians, both Arab and Israeli, who aren't wanting to perpetuate the bloodbath, but keep on getting caught up in it anyway.

As regards the various conflicts themsevles, I know both sides are to blame and do awful things, but what leanings I have are towards Israel, for the following reasons:

  • Israel seem as if they would be happy to live peacefully alongside the various Arabs. The Arabs who fight Israel (not all of them by any means) want nothing less than total eradication
  • When Israel kills civilians, it's an accident. Hezbollah, etc are happy hiding behind their own civilians and aiming to kill Israeli ones.
  • There seems to be a heck of a lot of anti-Semitism around, mostly in disguise in the West, though it's blatant in the Middle East
  • Israel seem at least halfway capable of making a decent job of running a country
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