Sunday, September 09, 2007

TV v Church

I was on TV this morning. I'd much much rather have been at church. But I said yes to being in the audience of some BBC religious discussion program before checking to see whether it was on Sunday morning or not. "No-one could possibly be stupid enough to film a religious discussion programme on Sunday morning." I thought. "It would blatantly make for a biased audience."

I was sitting right behind the panel on a kind of tiered seating thing. That meant that I couldn't scratch my crotch or pick my nose at all for an hour or so. Not that I do that sort of thing much normally, but knowing that I can't makes it very difficult not to. Great evidence for the existence of original sin - we want to do exactly what we're forbidden from doing. But the prospect of having a decent fraction of the country knowing me as the guy who was adjusting his genitals on live TV while people around me were discussing murder stopped me in the end.

Anyway, I'd much rather have been at church, and wish I'd checked my diary first or said "no" or something. I'll go this evening, but I just felt as if I was getting settled into the morning congregation there...

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