Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Good News on Fashion

It's not often I think a fashion story is good news. So here's one I noticed today. In brief, Madrid Fashion Week seems to have introduced a rule banning models with a BMI of under 18 (under 18 is significantly underweight).

To be honest, one thing I really don't get is the difference between the male and female conceptions of beauty. I can understand women wanting to be attractive. But what (other than eating disorders) motivates them to get as this as many of them do? Wanting to show their stomachs off? Some kind of twisted one-up-woman-ship and pride?

Why is it that when the surveys consistently say that Western men like women with a BMI between (say) 18.5 and 25, which range is deemed "healthy", then many women try getting theirs between (say) 16 and 20?

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