Monday, April 24, 2006

J Hudson Taylor - A Man in Christ (Roger Steer)

One of the (many) things I did this last week was read an excellent biography of Hudson Taylor, which I'd thoroughly recommend. By the time he became prominent, Hudson Taylor was an awesome spiritual giant (or as he would have said, a servant of an awesome God). This biography helps you see how he got there, how he learnt to trust God, and how his offering of his whole life was used by God to bring so much glory to his name.

Here's a link to the page. And here's a review of it on the site of the mission society descended from the one he founded.

Here's a quote from Hudson Taylor, quoted in the book:

How are we going to treat the Lord Jesus with reference to this command? Shall we definitely drop the title "Lord" as applied to him and take the ground that we are quite willing to recognise him as our Saviour so far as the penalty of our sin is concerned, but we are not prepared to own ourselves "bought at a price" or Him as having any claim on our unquestioning obedience? Shall we say that we are our own masters, willing to yield something as His due, who bought us with His blood, provided He does not ask too much? Our lives, our loved ones, our possessions are our own, not His: we will give Him what we think fit, and obey any of His requirements that do not demand too great a sacrifice? To be taken to heaven by Jesus Christ we are more than willing, but we will not have this man to reign over us.

The heart of every Christian will undoubtedly reject the proposition, so formulated; but have not countless lives in each generation been lived as though it were proper ground to take? How few of the Lord's people have practically recognised the truth that Christ is either Lord of all, or is not Lord at all! If we can judge God's Word, instead of being judged by that Word; if we can give to God as much or as little as we like, then we are lords and He is the indebted one, to be grateful for our dole and obliged by our compliance with his wishes. If, on the other hand, He is Lord, let us treat him as such.

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