Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dawkins' God

I just finished reading Dawkins' God by Alister McGrath.

(I earlier referred to McGrath's critique of Dawkins here.)

McGrath is very nice about Dawkins and very humble about what he himself is achieving in this book, but he completely rips Dawkins' arguments about God to shreds. In doing so, he covers a lot of ground - history of evolutionary theory, genetics, Dawkins' own ideas about the selfish gene and the meme, the history of the science / religion debate, philosophy of science. And there's a long long way to go before any of my efforts even get vaguely near that kind of standard.

He doesn't even bother fighting on the biology; he doesn't need to.

As a readable critique of Dawkins and atheistic scientism in general, this is excellent. As an introduction to the fields raised, it's good too. And it's not just aimed at Christians.

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